madly in love with the crocs

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  1. i have been wanting to get a birkin for more than three years but lately i couldnt sleep from thinking so much about it so i took the plunge i did what every hermes crazy would do i went to eBay and bought a 35cm miel shiny croc birkin its divine im madly in love.i seriously believe i have bought the best size color and leather.:yahoo:
  2. wowzers!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations, ash-ash! and welcome!!
    please share with us some drool worthy pictures when you receive this baby! :nuts::nuts:
  3. Congratulations! It is a beauty! I would like to get me one of those in that color too! :yahoo:

    And welcome to the forum!
  4. Way to jump right into H world. Congrats! She's a beauty...
  5. thank you very much im new to the forum too but im so glad i joined because i cant get enough of talking about H
  6. What a beauty as your first H bag!

    :woohoo: CONGRATULATIONS!! :woohoo:

  7. ash-ash, you are hilarious. One is supposed to work up slowly to an H bag... not go for the mother-load right away... congrats again.
  8. does anyone know why there is an ^ stamped in gold near the hermes paris?what does it mean?its also stamped with letter K which year is that?
  9. the ^ means it's porosus croc. The K means it was made in 2007.

    It is absolutely a stunning piece, ash-ash. I am still breathless looking at the picture. I can't wait to see her on your arm in full drop-dead action!

  10. Congratulations its a beauty!!
  11. Oh, my goodness! What a lucky girl you are! I am drooling over your wonderful purchase! Congratulations!
  12. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:Congrats!! And Well Done!! :yes::yes:
  13. ash-ash ~ It's Gorgeous:love::love::love: ***Total Dream Bag!***
  14. ^ So Glad You Joined, Too! Keep Talking H...It's Wonderful!!!!!
  15. That is beautiful, the colour is stunning!