Madison Wristlet Question

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  1. Hello, looking at a couple Acorn colored wristlets to go with an Acorn Sabrina. I see 2 sizes, the larger capacity seems to have the Coach plaque logo and the smaller seems to have the logo imprinted (not a plaque). Is this accurate?? Thoughts on the two??? Thanks so much.
  2. Yes, that's correct, capacity (large) wallet has the plaque and regular wristlet has the logo painted on. Personally I prefer the capacity wristlets since they can be used as cosmetic bags or a clutch. Small ones are pretty but not very useful for me, I know many use them for receipts or coupons or as a wallet but they don't work for me because of their small size. Plus, I do love the real logo! If you can get it for a good price I would definitely opt for the large one.
  3. Thanks so much I really appreciate your input. I like the idea of the "real" plaque as well. Will opt for the larger version. Again I appreciate your help.
  4. Anytime Madison is my favorite collection and Sabrina is totally my favorite bag ever! Good choice 
  5. My sabrina just arrived. I have all Legacy bags with a couple Bleeckers so am used to HEAVY and am really excited to have something lighter. In truth, it is sitting in front of me and I am afraid to cut the tags off :smile: