madison wallet wth?

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  1. so DH got me the magental madison wallet medium sized for vday. well all of a sudden i see patches on the back where the leather has like turned whiteish. so annoyed. havent even had this wallet a yr!
  2. Take it back.
  3. i have gotten a lot of flack from SAs in my local boutique bc i have broguht back 3 bags in 2009 w issues (the leather cracked on me) so i find they kinda dont take me seriously so im not really comfortable going back for an issue like this unfortunately.
  4. Screw those SAs. Coach guarantees its quality and has the repair policy for a reason. Take it back or at least go to another Coach store (outlet or FP) and take it back
  5. I can speak to that store and those SAs. Gabz - I feel your pain. Seriously. Is there one there that you can go see?

    Geez we don't have much luck with our stores do we - the MK manager is insane and the Coach SA's are nasty. :P Well not all, but it's not fun there sadly.
  6. It really makes me mad and sad to hear that the SAs in some of the stores have such awful attitudes. Buying handbags and accessories should be fun-not stressful and intimidating. What they need is a good :bagslap:

  7. Seriously, and isn't it their job to uphold Coach policy about customer service and all that? I mean it's not like she's taking them in there with pen marks or scuff marks and demanding a refund.
  8. Hi,
    I agree with the other ladies!! Take it Back!!! Your Husband paid good money for it and it is Coach so it should last!!!!

    Good Luck!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: