Madison Steel Mini Skinny

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  1. Hey guys plz help- does anyone know where I can get a steel mini skinny???

  2. I found some madison skinnies at my local outlet for $19 and they had the steel I got the black though and I love it
  3. OMG I am dying to get this mini skinny and I have no outlets near me ;(
    can I order it over the phone from the outlet??
    has anyone done this before?
    thx again
  4. Hi again- could you tell me what outlet you saw it at bc I have been calling all day and no luck ;(

    Please let me know
  5. I saw a couple at the Ellenton outlet last week. HTH!
  6. thanks so much guys- I am still unable to get it bc the SA said they won't ship it to me?? even if I pay for it over the phone?? any help guys- I just moved to NYC and can't make it to any outlets - I'm so bummed I really really wanted this mini skinny!!
    Like are there people who would buy stuff for you at the outlet and then you could pay them paypal?? just wondering bc im so sad that I can't get it shipped to me from the outlet ;(
  7. Did you try ebay or Bonanzle?