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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2009
    I couldn't resist any longer and since I had gift cards from Christmas and a couple of things to exchange I went to Coach and bought the MADISON SPECTATOR LEATHER SABRINA in silver/violet. :heart:

    They had to order it for me since there were none in the store but I can't wait to get it! Anyone else have one?
  2. yep, I've had one for a month or so. Great bag
  3. how is she holding up? she's beautifu, but do you have to be extra careful with her? 1.bkz she's light pink, 2nd. bkz the handles are dark, don't they color off on the light colors?
  4. CONGRATULATIONS, She's beautiful by the way :smile:
  5. I don't abuse her like I do with my teal, just because it is so light but I don't really baby my bags and haven't had any issues with rub off, especially since the bottom is dark navy you don't have to worry about denim transfer. No issues with the handles rubbing either, since I usuallu flip them up on top of the bag when I'm using it with the shoulder strap. She is not my every day bag though, I'd expect to see a little more wear if it was/
  6. i m only asking bkz i remember the chanel cambon bucket bags, who are pink or white and have black handles. I remember seeing the black handle color rubbing off often, so i was wondering if this is also an issue with this type of bag. I love the spectator items, they look TDF!!!
  7. oh yeah no I think the lambskin is more prone to that kind of stuff being so soft and all, and the bag is smooshy enough so it doesn't really cause and friction. It's a great bag, very girly looking.
  8. anyone have pictures of this bag in real life?
  9. It's an absolutely TO DIE FOR bag!! I saw it in my boutique and immediately fell in love with it, but I have an ergo hobo in rose and a Sabrina in magenta, so I could't justify getting another pink-ish bag. Believe it or not, my husband was trying to talk me into buying it because it also has the violet and the navy blue! Sadly, I didn't listen to him and left the store without her. Oh well, I'll just have to lust after your bag! Definitely post pictures when you get her. I hope you love he as much as I did.
  10. Hello, i noticed you said you had a violet sabrina spectator bag from coach. This is my absolute favor!! By chance would you know where I could find one?? Thanks so much>:biggrin:
  11. This thread is a year and a half old. Your best bet would be evilbay or bonanzle at this point.