Madison Sophia Python heading to outlets?

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  1. I just noticed on the new update of the Coach website that style # 17749 Sophia Python is not listed anywhere on the website, not even in the going once, going twice section?
    I wonder if this means it is going to the outlet? It would be just my luck since I just purchased it!
  2. According to CS there are only 18 left in the warehouse.
  3. Now there is least I think that's what she said.:P
  4. I don't trust the numbers....someone said they only had 3 left of the mini sophias in black, but yet they atre on the website to order.........hope they are wrong & these go to the outlets!
  5. I asked if they were going to the outlet because they aren't on the website and CS said they are not being discontinued that they were just taken off the website because of low stock numbers?
  6. Hmm...well I guess we will find out soon ;). They only had a few of the last python sophias and the wound up at my outlet...but only a few.
  7. hi ladies :smile:
    been absent from TPF for long time.. i was looking around for xmas pressie for myself and i shortlisted the 17749 python sophia. I also noticed yesterday that it was no more at the web.
    Are those really heading to outlets? Anyone know whether this style is available at dept store? I checked nordies and bloomies website but none has it.
    Greatly appreciate any heads up since i can't buy from outlet. TIA :heart:
  8. Some say they are heading to the outlets. I purchase one about 2 weeks ago at a FP Coach store. You could try calling JAX to place an order maybe.
  9. thanks wolvergambit, i am in asia, coach doesn't ship here.. maybe i'll stalk *bay..
  10. Saw one at the Round Rock TX outlet tonight.

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  11. They are going bc I have bag and wallet on hold at outlet for a TPF friend ;)

    CS always dont tell the truth. Why would they tell you someting this going to the outlet when you could spend FP for it.
  12. #12 Sep 28, 2011
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2011
    thanks for the pic gg.leigh.. i am so wanting it :sad:
    any idea how much is it in outlet?

    cfc09 - congrats for your friend for having such a great friend and scoring the beauty :tup:
  13. Yep they are there... I saw them today :d In fact have one on hold to pick up tomorrw :biggrin:
  14. I saw a small one at the Cookstown outlet today.
  15. How much are they retail? Tia