Madison skinny wallet

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  1. I looked at the Madison skinny wallet on Saturday at the FP store. Do any of you have this wallet style and if so what are your thoughts?? Are there any colors available at the outlets?? TIA!!
  2. Sorry, no...I have the zip around wallets...and love them..I tend to buy the coated canvas wallets because I'm rough on my wallets! lol..sorry I couldn't help.

  3. I have a Madison skinny in needlepoint and I really love it. It's a great size and very functional for my needs.
  4. Canderson, can you post pics, please? I would love to see how it works!! Also, did you get yours from FP or outlet??
  5. Mine came from Dillard's. Here's some photos (with post it's over my drivers license of course).



  6. Oh, and it looks like BV!! Thank you so much for the pics!!! I purchased the gray quartz checkbook wallet, but it is a little large, I think. I still carry a checkbook (why I don't know as I write a check once in a blue moon), but I don't think I carry as many cards as you, so this might be perfect, if I can find one!!! Thanks again!!

  7. It is BV. The needlepoint BV has silver hardware while the all leather BV bags have light gold.
  8. Okay, I went to the FP yesterday to look at the wallets I have mentioned. They are things about both I like......I am searching for a wallet to go with cornflower blue, black violet and possibly silt or navy in the future.......I really don't like to change that often. Anyway I was looking at the silt style 50233 (or another color if you guys have suggestions) or the navy style 49350. What are your thoughts if you own either or both. I think I can work with either style and don't think I would have a problem if I didn't have BV..........I don't necessarily have to match,but I do like my insides coordinated to look nice with my bag.....I am OCD about that.
  9. Frankly, YOU are the best judge of the one you like best. Just pick one and get on with your life. :lol:
  10. Yes...I just was asking how the ladies that own the Saffaino wallet that is made like the legacy one liked them and the ease of use. Wallets are an investment and are not inexpensive, so I just want to make a good choice. I thought I would know more after seeing in person, rather than just online.
  11. The point is, we all "use" wallets differently, which is why there are so many different sizes and styles. It all depends on how YOU use a wallet in your daily life as to whether it has "ease of use" for you or not.
  12. +1 amen!
  13. Just bought this wallet at a steal...34$ and love it!!!