Madison shoulder flap bag - Macy's score !

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  1. Sorry if this a duplicate post but I don't see my other thread!

    Scored this beautiful madison flap shoulder bag at Macy's for -25% then -20% for wow pass !! Can't get pics to post right now but my video is up!

    They also had in scarlet !
  2. Twins, congrats!
  3. Triplets! Got mine from Zappos on sale and looooove it!!! I wear it like a clutch with my hand through the straps. I've only worn it twice and got two compliments on it already. To me it looks like a classic that will never go out of style but the functionality is fantastic, I love that it is so sleek and I can find all my contents!
  4. It's gorgeous! I really enjoyed your video of the bag.
  5. Great video!!
  6. The only complaint to date that I have is the turn lock. Sometimes it's not protruded enough and I can't get the bag to close. Other than that, it handles the weight and distributes it evenly and is nice and light weight!
  7. Got pics !

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    Deleted wrong pic
  9. Deleted pic sorry wrong one