madison shoulder bag 13250 strap question :how do you wear yours

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  1. just curious, this bag has 2 straps. one is quite short, the other pretty long. for those of you who own this bag, how do you carry it? do you use the long or short strap? is it comfortable? thanks!
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    I do!!! I love Madison shoulder bag.
    I carry it 3 different ways.

    1) Short shoulder:
    I carry it like this most of the time. It has a nice little slouch.
    2) Long shoulder:
    I adjust long strap to the shortest length and carry bag on my shoulder. This makes it easier to get stuff in/out of bag. Attach strap to 2nd ring.
    3) Long Crossbody:
    I adjust long strap to the longest length and carry bag crossbody. Attach strap to 2nd ring. To make crossbody strap longer, I added silver snaphooks that I got at Lowes/Home Depot hardware store. Best when I need to be handsfree.

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  3. thank you for this info. for some reason, i find this bag confusing!! guess i am easily confused! glad to hear it is comfortable to carry. i guess it didn't seem to slouch when i saw one. maybe it has to be filled or broken in to slouch?
  4. I've only worn mine as a shoulder bag so far, but I'm definitely planning to wear it cross-body, too! I love to be hands-free... it's so liberating. :cloud9:
  5. i didn't know the strap was long enough to be worn crossbody. i will have to check this one out more closely i guess!
  6. I love this purse! I prefer to wear the long strap as a shoulder bag and occassionally I wear it crossbody. I only use the shorter strap if I am carrying it over my forearm like a handbag.
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