Madison Sabrina Black Signature...anyone own one??


Jul 10, 2012
Hello, I am new here and I am enjoying seeing everyones reveals and posts! This is such a nice and friendly place!
I ordered a Madison Sabrina black on black signature in the medium size...I'm still waiting for her to come and I am reallllly excited!! Does anyone have this? I want to know how she carries....does she fall off the shoulder? Is she heavy? I have a black leather Ashley and while I love the way she looks...she does NOT stay on my shoulder and it is very annoying. I also have a black patchwork Zoe and she is very heavy, but she is definetly my favorite.
I ordered my Madison from Ebay from a well known seller with great feedback, but she used stock photos which has me just a little nervouse. As a seller and buyer on Ebay, I only buy from sellers who use actual photos and I only use actual photos, but this was a great deal I couldn't pass up. Do you think it's okay?
I hope she comes today!!! No tracking # :sad:


Dec 4, 2010
Well, the Ashley is the made for factory version of the Sabrina. I'm assuming you aren't referring to the carryall and you are meaning the doctor bag looking one. Since your new Sabrina is fabric I'm hoping you will have an easier time keeping her on your shoulder, congrats on your purchase!! Please do a reveal when she comes.