Madison Python Print Tote 20482

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  1. My outlet didn't have any of these and I am department store-less with the exception of a Macy's. Are you ladies seeing these at your outlets or dept. stores? Pricing?

    I'm trying to decided if I should just cave in and grab one on eBay or not. Tia ladies :smile:
  2. I saw this bag at my Nordstrom store on Sunday. It was in the sale table. Nordstrom's discount is normally 33% off. You may be able to get it cheaper at another dept store or outlet. PM me if you would like the specific store. :smile:
  3. MrCoachie told me they were major store bags - not sure if they will go to outlet but who knows
  4. Thanks ladies! I will keep looking, they have to be cheaper than 33% off somewhere based on what they are listed for on the bay.

  5. I wish we had DILLARDS
  6. I saw this bag in Macys 2 weeks ago on sale 30% plus 25% off. Try getting sku and or call them with style number and see if they can find one for you.
  7. Seriously...I need to move somewhere with better stores lol
  8. I will try that, I know my Macy's had them at FP but there were none left the other day.
  9. I saw this bag IRL life last week when I was shopping. I had never seen it before, and it was sitting in a shopping cart. I have to say it is gorgeous - I tried not to stalk the bag's owner. I thought it was embossed, but the ebay listings say fabric. I would like to touch one:P before I bid on evilbay....
  10. They definitely are fabric, I think that's what I like best about them. I'm not a huge fan of Coaches python embossing as a whole in comparison to other brands python.
  11. My Dillard's had them on clearance at the end of last mth. I think it was 50% off when I saw them.
  12. Dillards had them 50/40 off just a few weeks ago. I'm not sure they were that popular you may get lucky if you call. What are the prices like on they bay? If there is a lot of them you maybe can get a good deal.

    You KNOW Dillards have the best deals :graucho::graucho:

    I was going to say the same thing.
  13. Holy crap 50/40!!! That would make sense, i was wondering how these resellers were doing it. if your patient at bidding you can score one around $125 otherwise the better priced BIN's are around $140 shipped. Overall it's not a bad price but I knew that had to be cheap somewhere.
  14. Belk has it This code will give 15% off. You may be able to find it for less elsewhere. I ordered the Python print Maggie and got it for 180 but after looking on ebay I may not have got that great of a price. I'm just afraid of ordering one on ebay. I worry about getting a fake or a damaged one.
  15. I got Maggie python fabric at Macys for &190. I love it,I'm just not sure of the print being classic and elegant. I want it to be! Any opinions would be great!