Madison Pinnacle Drawstring Bag

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  1. I know that some of you have this bag. How is it, to use?

    Is it enormous? Is it difficult to get at your things? Is the drawstring opening a pain? Any anecdotes would be great!
  2. I hve the med size n lovvve it.
  3. There's two sizes? I was eyeballing me in red on eBay, what a rich looking bag!!
  4. Yes. Two sizes
  5. I have the large in black and I don't find it harder than any other bag to get into. The drawstring is easy to use. The upside is that the detail on this bag is gorgeous and the leather is beautiful. It is one of my most luxurious bags.
  6. I have the large in garnet and it's one of my favorite bags. It's easy to carry and I don't have a hard time getting to my stuff. And the leather is luscious!
  7. I have the regular in black and I love it! It's not hard to get into at all. I do wish the lining was a little lighter as I tend to loose stuff in there. Maybe it's just my eye site isn't what it used to be. While I love the black, the red is a beauty.
  8. Actually mine is a large, I didn't realize there was XL and Large. I guess they just skipped regular and small. :smile:
  9. This is all wonderful to hear. The bag is very beautiful.

    I may have found the smaller of the two, in black. My first choice would have been garnet - what a gorgeous shade of red. Mmm. But the black is wonderful too.

    I held off on buying it in January but I may not resist, this time!
  10. I have the XL too. I thought they came in small and large.
  11. I've never bought a drawstring until I saw this in the store. It was just so beautiful. I have the black regular and have no problems getting into it. I agree that I wish the lining was something other than black, but I've put bright accessories inside to make things easy to find. It's a very classy bag and I think you will love it.
  12. What are its dimensions of your bag?
  13. I received the bag today and I'm disappointed by its smaller size. I knew it wasn't going to be as big as the original but I thought it would have more to it than being just a basic sized bag. Like Phoebe - meh. It wanted it to be smaller than the original, but still a biggish bag. Now I have an ordinary drawstring hobo. Sigh.
  14. It doesn't appear to be on the coach website anymore. Wonder if it's been deleted?