Madison Patent Leather Colors

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  1. Okay, I have a couple of questions. Did Coach make a patent Audrey in any other color than Jade? I have never seen any other color...
    Also, what are all the colors of the Patent Sabrinas? I know there is cobalt, plum, green, and black, graphite, and putty...but are there others?
    Also, I know the Hailey was made in Jade Patent and Raspberry Patent...any other color?
    With all of the scares with the new patents, I think I might hunt for a Madison Patent bag instead to add to my collection.
    Thanks for any help you can give me...I really appreciate it! :biggrin:
  2. Oh, and the patent Maggies too...
  3. Sabrina....camel and coral
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    ^^^:yes: Yes, just getting ready to say the same thing~there were camel and coral Sabrinas! (camel is the actual color name of the 'putty' you were referring to).

    In Maggies, I believe there was just Jade, Raspberry and maybe black? (in the 'new' Maggie style) and Graphite and Cobalt (older pleat in center style) patent sold, although I could be wrong!

    Oh, and just an FYI- the Coral, Green, Plum,Camel and Black Patent Sabrinas had the chain detailed longer straps, while the cobalt and graphite just had the regular patent leather longer straps.
  5. There was also a "winter white" patent in the original patent maggies from last fall.
  6. Yeah I noticed that about the straps...I am lusting after the green patent. Did they make the green patent in the small Sabrina or just the large?
  7. They made the green patent in the small - it was GORG!!
  8. What is the style number for the small? Retail price?
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    Okay, while surfing Google, I have discovered a "dark silver leather" Audrey. I have never ever seen it before, but it is gorgy!!! It has houndstooth lining like the Metallic Amethyst and black ones, and a gem fob!
    Please someone give me some info on this baby!

    ETA: Found a pic...called Anthracite. I WILL own this beauty one day! LOL!

  10. Oh yea, I forgot about that one~That was gorgeous! Seems like that color was really limited here in the not many were made and they sold out fast.

    I keep seeing them pop up occassionally on the Bay but the last two I saw had color transfer on them....and I haven't figured out a way to get color transfer come out of patent even after trying all the recommended methods posted here on TPF, so I passed.
  11. The small patent sabrina w/ chain straps-Style # is 12957 and I think the MSRP was $498, not sure about the style # for the 'non chain strap' sm. patent sabrina's (cobalt and graphite) though, but I believe the MSRP was the same as for the regular leather- $358.00.
  12. Yeah...I am scared to death of patent white anything...all the horror stories of transfer and yellowing... :shivers:
  13. Now that I think about it, there was also a patent Sabrina in ivory too (w/ chain strap), although I can't remember if it was avail. in both sizes or just one or the other.....?
  14. Tell me about it....I bought an Ivory Patent Julianne on Final Sale (ie. returns not possible) at my local outlet BEFORE I knew about the potential 'yellowing' phenomenom. She's in the back of my closet afraid to see the light of day!!! Big regret buying that one.....
  15. Yeah...I am almost scared to buy anything white...but I think maybe regular leather might be okay.

    I have emailed Coach to see what colors of Audreys(patent & not) and Sabrinas(Patent & not) they have available to order...will report back.

    ETA: Wow, that was quick. Here is the info!
    Thank you for your email.

    Please find below the information you requested:

    Style #14312: Sold out
    Style #14316: Available in Silver/Black, Brass/Walnut, Brass/Parchment, Brass/Acorn, and Silver/Saffron.
    Style #14322: Sold out
    Style #12937: Available in Brass/Bone, Brass/Gold, Silver/Rose and Brass/Cinnamon
    Style #12957: Sold out

    We hope this information is helpful. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Hmmm... the gold is this:

    Does anyone have this?