Madison Op Art Sateen Claire or Carryall

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Which Madison ?

  1. Madison op art sateen signatire claire

  2. Madison op art sateen signatire carryall

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  1. So how many ladies here have the op art sateen Claire? if so how great of a everyday bag is she? are they discontinuing her?
    I love the black signature with purple lining!
    But I am unsure if I should get the carryall or the claire? and tips or feedback on either one would be great thanks!

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  2. Well - my boss carries the op art sateen Claire every day, and she loves it. I had the Madison carryall, and sent it back because of its delicate nature (says the care card, LOL, plus it peeled right away), but I would have LOVED it for an every day bag! I didn't have the sateen though, I had leather.

    so I'm not gonna vote, but that's the info I have on those 2 bags!
  3. Madison op art sateen signatire carryall

    I have this bag in walnut leather and it is fantastic..
  4. I like the shape of the Carry-All better.
  5. I have both and really really love the Claire the most.. She is lightweight, easy to throw over your shoulder and holds a ton of stuff. I was told by my SA that it was discontinued, but I recently saw them on the China website. So who knows, maybe we'll get them back again. I have seen the leather copper Claire at my local outlet.
  6. I have the sateen carryall and love it! I love how it fits on the shoulder both ways, and it's so roomy!
  7. I own the Black Claire with purple lining and I love the bag! Its very large fits a lot of stuff and I have been carrying it a lot and so far it has been holding up well even though its Fabric not leather. The straps and handles are leather with silver hardware which I love. I am very happy with her as a basic black bag. I also love the shape of the Claire so much I recently purchased another one in Khaki/Brown leather. It should be arriving this week.
    Good Luck with your decision.
  8. i really like the claire alot id go or it
  9. I have the Sateen Claire I got her at Woodbury Commons... I love this bag!!! LOVE IT! It is so roomy and light weight and I have had a few people look at her so I know people notice her. I Like the pop of patient leather it makes it look so classy. Both bags are nice but you can say I am biased toward the Claire :biggrin:
  10. I love the shape of the carryall, it's more structured than the claire. I hope to get one of those carryall for myself too.
  11. I think they are both great, beautiful bags so I think it just comes down to personal preference. Have you tried both of them on?

    I loved the look of the Claire but had to order it without trying it on first. I ended up returning mine because the long strap just slipped off my shoulder and I wanted to wear it like that a lot of the time.

    I really like the shape of the madison carryall - very classy - but I personally would not buy one because I do not like an open/snap type top. But if you don't need a zip top, I think that is a great choice. HTH! :smile: