Madison Op Art Convertible Hobo

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  1. Newbie here! New to board, but old Coach pro :smile: I just bought this and I really love it. It's the silver/gray/sateen. However I am thinking about returning it because I am worried about the sateen. I'm usually careful with my bags, but I have a 5 month old, I am a student so I am constantly on the go. Therefore, this may not be the ideal everyday bag for me. I LOVE that it is a crossbody.

    Any suggestions for me? In regards to either keeping the bag (care) OR another suggestion (another bag)

    I really like the Hailey, but HATE the Spring colors out now in that bag.
  2. The only probiblem with sateen and a baby is the baby is on your hip alot, the sateen will come in alot of contact with the babies shoes. It will get dirty quickly and might snag if your babies shoes have velcro (I have had it happen to me).
    If you have outlet access check the outlet, hailey is currently there.