Madison Mini N/S Bonded Saffiano Totes

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  1. Has anyone seen these irl? I'm loving the Cornflower and Bronze..But not sure how "small" they are. I'm going to be traveling a bit for work and prefer to carry a smaller bag and a work tote to double as my carry on.

    Thank you for any help!! :smile:
  2. I saw them yesterday and think they're about the size of the Mini Tanner.
  3. Thank you!! Then that may work for my slim wallet and a few other items.
    Hoping to go see them in person when I get home. :smile:
  4. You're welcome! I think they're very cute. Perfect for when you don't need to carry your whole life with you. :smile:
  5. Just wanted to share a few pics of my new Mini north/south Saffiano tote...I love the Cornflower blue. It is so pretty!! I got it at Macys.

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  6. Here's another pic with Phoebe!!

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  7. I do love this style!! The Saffiano is nice :smile:

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  8. so pretty!
    mod shots?
  9. Thank you!! Mod shots when I'm not in pjs...
  10. It's a lovely color and so elegant!
    I love the fob you have on it, too. :smile:
  11. very pretty :smile: enjoy!!!
  12. Thank you!! The fob is my JC Cat :smile:
    Thank you :smile:
  13. I saw the bronze in person over the weekend. Gorgeous color!
  14. I absolutely love this bag! What do you think of the strap? I tried one on today and I wish the strap had separate rings to attach than on the handles, as the outer handle won't lay flat when using the strap….I think the color and the silver hardware make up for that though! So gorgeous!
  15. I picked this up today in the black, it is a great size for when you want to simplify what you have with you.

    One thing to note that is different from the mini Tanner, you cannot double up the strap and make it into more of a shoulder bag. The SA that helped me today thought you could and she tried to do it but it wouldn't work. Our best guess was the saffiano makes the strap just a little too thick to loop through.

    Also there are going to be more colors coming out for summer. FP SA did not have any idea on the dates but she read off the names for me. Sounds like there will be a couple of shades of pink, an orange color, and what is probably a yellow. There might have been one more but I can't recall atm.