Madison Marcus Leather Jacket

  1. Hi Guys - does anyone know where i could get the MM leather jacket from?
  2. Hmmm, I just read about this brand in a recent Lucky Mag-did you see that? I think I've seen their clothes on intermix online ( it?) and
    Good luck!
  3. Im from Aus so for some reason, we hear about popular items and trends alot later than you and buy that time everything is sold out! its so frustrating!
    Sorry no i didnt read it. I checked intermix and sold out. Same with luvcharlie :sad:
  4. Hi, grechenscloset has an awesome directory showing where you can buy designers' items.


    Don't know how reputable this store is and whether they'll ship overseas. If interested at all, perhaps you could ask tpfers if they have ever bought from here?
    You have to pre-order. Do they ship overseas?

    You have to pre-order if you want the jacket in eggshell.

    Are you looking for a black jacket only?
  5. hi passerby, yes preferably black!!

    thank you so much for your help!
  6. oh yes i have, it has 3/4 length sleeves though and it wont really keep me warm in winter.
    Am i being too fussy? i hope not!!!
  7. Are you being fussy? Not at all.
  8. You could try They are having a Madison Marcus sample sale tomorrow. If they have what you're looking for you'll be lucky because they have great deals there up to 75% off.