Madison Maggie in Periwinkle Blue?

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  1. Am I mistaken, or does this exist? I see a pic on the Madison page of the website that looks like a silver/blue Maggie but not anywhere listed. Anyone have info on this? I was about to buy the black one but may wait if this is coming. :smile:

  2. The periwinkle Maggie has already come and gone. I think it came out in late November/09 and was gone somewhere around the end of December.
  3. Thanks for the info. I though they might be bringing out a lighter version for Spring. I have been out of touch with the Spring line and plan to go check it out today. Might just wait for the new Alex tote in blue.
  4. I saw the Maggie in periwinkle at a Macy's the other week... so some Macy's may still have them if you really want her!
  5. I saw one at my outlet this weekend.
  6. I saw one at Nordstroms too. It was the only one though. I think most are going to the outlets.
  7. I do love organization, can be more lenient on structure. I am 5'4 and the Maggie looks like a good fit for me. Black Alex Tote (small) was still a bit too large for me. I know it's spring but again, not having a good black bag is like being naked. Also, I have 2 toddlers and a baby on the way so satchels aren't too practical for me. Thoughts or suggestions?

  8. Does anyone know if this Maggie bag is coming out in any other colors?