Madison Lurex Clutch?

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  1. does it not come in pink/silver?

    godd i lovee itt..
  2. anyonee?
  3. It either came in pink and sold out or they never made a pink clutch. I am not sure though. I have a feeling they never made a pink one.
  4. From what season are you thinking of?
  5. what does it look like? is it anything like this:

    Attached Files:

  6. There was some kind of lurex clutch Not framed, with a strap, at the outlet in Lahaska. It was a purplish pink. They also had a sm Madison top handle.
  7. Price, I believe, was about $139 for clutch, $189 for top handle (gold, black & the purplish pink)
  8. This year it only came in gold and black. No pink.
  9. ^^oh then in that case it did come in pink but its sold out?
  10. I saw both colors (black, gold) in person a few days ago...I fell in love with both and I'm not really a clutch person but I was ready to buy one...I think the black is prettier and I just might get it on my next trip to Coach....
  11. cool =]
  12. does come in pink, its just sold out I thought, thats why they take off items and colors. its a popular color, and the cheapest of the zoe clutches, and with the holidays. pm ms- whitney or sprinkles for more info.