Madison Leather Shoulder What color?

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Madison Shoulder Bag what color should I get?

  1. Brass/Pink

  2. Brass/Tan

  3. Silver/Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Okay I decided on the madison leather shoulder bag now my only dilemma is what color?? I love the pink its so pretty..But The tan is cute to.. then there is the black.. anyone have any of these colors? pics would be great thanks.

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  2. This shape of bag is now my fav one. I have signature version and its the one im taking to Florida next Wed.
  3. Well, if i had to pick, I'd go for the light pink color. I wish Coach made one in Cherry though, that would be to die for. The Tan one is pretty too, best if you're going for a neutral kind of color. I'm not much of a black bag person though.

    I vote for the light pink!
  4. I am thinking pink to. something new and different
  5. do you have any pictures of your shoulder bag? I am curious to see how much you can actually put in it
  6. I saw tan or pink!
  7. my vote will be on Tan! how i wish this bag comes in
    espresso though...
  8. I voted black...but the brass and tan is beautiful and springy!
  9. Definintely Tan. Versatile, pretty, and perfect for the upcoming season (Spring).
    Love the bag. It's sooooo nice in person.
  10. I vote pink, bkz i have it and i LOVE it! It looks so "innocent" LoL. I usually am afraid of light colroed bags, but this one is really great, I've worn it since i got it wednesday and i can't put it down... :yahoo::wlae:

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  11. your bag is beautful do you happen to have any pictures of all your stuff in it so I can get an idea of how much room it is etc. thanks
  12. i think the pink colour is gorgeous! my vote is for pink
  13. more and more I am thinking pink