Madison leather hippie


I Need More Cowbell
Jan 26, 2008
I have a hippie from the first line, and I love it! It's white, but I'm careful with it, and it hasn't gotten dirty. I definitely think that you should go for it, esp. if you adore it!


Dona Nobis Pacem
Mar 29, 2007
If you want a small bag to wear to all the great things we do in the summer you have a lot of options that would probably hold up better than a white leather hippie. You could get that bag in a different color or you could look at something like a Hailey or a Kristin op art crossbody. You could also spend a lot less and get a swingpack or one of the crossbody Poppy bags. Go to and look at "small bags" under handbags.


Jan 29, 2010
Do you guys think the madison leather hippie is worth it? (in white color)
also do you think it will get dirty easily because I am going to carry it around everywhere like beaches, mall, amusement parks etc

300 dollars seem too much for a small bag like this but i adore it and im not sure if its a good choice or not

here is a picture bone.jpg

the one that was sold in outlets for around 130 was not parchment, I got one and I want to say it is called cream, it is off white, buttery looking. The one that they have on line now is in parchment and it is full price. I love my bag and to be honest I wouldn't take it to the beach or amusement park. Get it if you adore it. It is a beautiful bag.


♥ Brooke ♥
Apr 3, 2010
I've got the bone hippie and it's awesome!! I carried it everyday for 2 weeks n it still looks as good as new. As long as u take care of it i.e. Not putting it on the floor etc.. It will be fine. It's a great bag, very stylish imo
May 9, 2010
I absolutely LOVE my Madison Hippie! Mine is black but I agree that as long as you take care to not set it down where it shouldn't go then you will be fine. I carried a parchment leather Carly for over a year and it still looks new.


Passion for Fashion
Apr 3, 2007
It's a gorgeous bag, but be prepared, you won't be able to wear it with dark jeans or any fabric that might stain it. It's also WHITE so it will get dirty easily, just as any white bag would. If that's okay with you, then go for it.