Madison Leather Flap?

  1. I saw this bag today at Dillard's and really liked it. It was on the smaller side, but I thought it would be great for weekends and quick trips out. Super cute!

    I can't find it on the coach site, but they do have it on Macy's. Does that mean it is only sold in dept stores? Just wondering if anyone has it and how they like it, what they can fit inside, etc?

    Sorry, not sure how to get clicky link to work on my Mac:
  2. No idea about where it's sold or how much it will hold. If you have the style number you can always call Jax to see if they have any.
  3. That's a thought. I found it on Nordstroms, Dillard's, and Macy's. I really liked the canary color. I am obsessing over the Isabelle in canary so this one caught my eye, too.

    I didn't remember reading anything about it on here, and couldn't find any reviews online either. It is so cute in person. It looks to be similar in size to the City Willis, but it didn't have the back slip pocket and you can't wear it cross body. That strap and hardware were beautiful, though.
  4. That's a really cute bag. I will be in Macys tomorrow, maybe I can find something out.
  5. I have seen one on a bit ago. I also saw it recently at an airport duty-free boutique, which makes me think its an international exclusive.
  6. I saw this bag in Dillards last week and it's beautiful. I love the Canary yellow leather and the silver chain hardware really dresses it up. I couldn't find the bag on the website nor the factory online sale...but eBay turned up a few and I scored it for $199, tags attached and free shipping. It arrived today and I know I'm going to enjoy using it. I only have one bag in what I consider a spring/summer color and this one will make two.

    I think this bag will hold more than a City Willis and I love this bags two compartments. The front one has a zip closure and the zip pocket in the open rear section runs across the width of the bag. I'm not a cross body bag person...I love this strap and it's very comfortable on the shoulder.
  7. This is exactly the info I was looking for. I'm glad to hear you are liking it.

    I don't have any bags in summer colors. They are all black, brown, red, orange, grey. I have one old pink siggy, but it's tiny and I really don't like it anymore. I NEED that canary! I guess I had better start stalking eBay! :lol:
  8. That would be great! I am hoping Macy's has another 25% off sale soon. I can't pay full price! :cool:
  9. Is there any way I could talk you into posting some pics or mod shots? Pretty please?
  10. I saw this bag in white at Nordstrom about a month ago, and it totally caught my eye!! If it came in more colors, I would have gone home with one!
  11. Yes...tomorrow though.
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    Anywhere near a Herbergers? I just got an email their Friends and Family 25% off starts tomorrow. Their website shows the Madison Leather Flap in black and canary but I cannot recall if I saw in the store I go to.

    Oh...another tpfer mentioned Macys is starting their 25% off full price tomorrow (Wednesday!)
  13. How did I miss this???? Thank you!!! After my DDs swim lessons, I am schlepping to the mall, wet hair and all. :smile:

    I've never heard of Herberger's, so I'm guessing I don't live near one. I'm in FL.

    Thanks again for the Macy's sale info. Wonder if there are any coupons that will stack? I always have something laying around.

  14. Oh - I am sorry...I may have been wrong. I know Herbergers does for sure. Maybe you should give a Macys a call first to be sure. I know lots of times Herbergers and Macys seem to have Friends and Family at the same time.

    Again, so sorry I think I misread a message from the other tpfer.:confused1:
  15. No worries! I'm going to give the store a call and see what they say. It's worth a shot.