Madison Hobo - when is this available?

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  1. I admit, I haven't been around much as I wasn't all that into the bags this last year - but this is reeling me back in!!


    I'm loving this bag! I tried it on at Nordies and was in :cloud9:

    When will this be in boutiques? I have the 30% settlement discount and a merchandise credit and I'm finally excited enough about a bag to spend that sucker!!

    Any other info? Other colors? Is there a larger size?

  2. I just won this style in OP art signature recently on Ebay. Im not sure of the leather style #,but i know that my style i won (and cannot wait to get) is 13252. I saw this Madison bag in all black signature in Macy's a couple weeks ago and fell in love. I do not do black bags at all tho, so i was thrilled when it came in brown color.

    This bag has it all i think. Style, looks, size etc. Shoulder strap is comfy too. I tried it on.
  3. Find out the style number (I think it is on and call JAX to see if it is available to order and the colors they have. Since it is out in some department stores it should be available to order.
  4. Are the leather ones in this style a Macy's bag only? I saw the signature version that im getting in a Coach catalog i just got recently like on the backfold page. I know some bags are made for Macy's only.
  5. I actually saw this at Nordies this weekend. They had the op-art and the black leather ones only.

    I'm such a dork - I didn't think to get the style number and call Jax. But I don't think I could use the settlement discount (the 30% off one) with Jax right? I think I'd have to wait until it's in the stores and take in the card.
  6. They will be in the next floorset on 1/22. My store has some in signature and I think I saw a parchment leather one. You should call your store and ask them if they have it yet and to call you as soon as it arrives. It is a nice bag.
  7. ^ Thanks!! Just in time for a bd present from me to me!
  8. You might be able to use that at JAX if they have a record of that disc on your acct maybe? Maybe im wrong too. Not sure.
  9. I know that I am getting some version of this bag. Need to decide on a color but no doubt it is gorgeous!
  10. If you go in the store with the item number thay can order it from JAX if they do not have it in stock, and that way you can use your credit and settlement card. Good luck!
  11. Thanks Greenpixie.

    I just got a LAMB bag yesterday (a pre-order that wasn't suppose to be here until Feb), so I might just wait the two weeks and bring one home from the store. DH teases the heck out of me when the UPS/FedEx truck comes by!! :P
  12. Now I know this is the right choice - LizC you have great taste!! :tup:
  13. Just bought my Madison shoulder in black today from a Seattle Coach boutique. A classic and classy bag!
  14. I'm new to this site and you guys have taught me soooo much! What is a Coach settlement of 30% and how do I get one? :shrugs:
  15. What other colors is this going to come in? It looks FAB but I don't need a black bag <tear>