Madison Hobo or Phoebe?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I took a break from Coach in the last year but now think I am ready to come back. I love hobo bags and was wondering what your thoughts were on the Madison Hobo and the Phoebe? I haven't been to the store yet to check them out, but plan to soon.
    Any advice would be appreciated. TIA!
  2. I have both styles and would be very hard pressed to pick a favorite, they are both definitely big favorites. They are similar in style and both have wonderful soft leather that slouches beautifully with a day or two of use. Pick a color you like and decide whether you prefer the double shorter strap, or the single short strap with cross body option, and whether you prefer one single opening or compartments, and you are good either way. They are both exceptional bags.
  3. I've tried to like the Phoebe many many times, but I always keep returning it. The hobo is true love for me and this is one of those bags that I would willingly have different colors in - I love everything about it. So I would say Hobo!!! It's soft, so easy to wear, goes easily over a winter coat - did I say I love it??
  4. I'm like ClassicShopper, I have both and absolutely love them. I have 3 large Phoebes and one of the hobos. I'm looking to get another hobo.
  5. I have both and love both. If you have a clear preference to a single strap or double straps, that might sway you.

    I was initially skeptical of Phoebe's compartments, but found that it's not an issue at all and it keeps me organized.

    Try both on and see what you think. Keep in mind that the Hobo doesn't "show" well on a looks flat and square until it has some weight in it, and that's when it comes to life with its gorgeous slouch.

    You can't lose either way!
  6. I don't like compartments. I don't like the way Phoebe looks like a pair of shorts open, I don't like the way it looks from the side. I would get the hobo. I think the single strap would be easier to deal with.
  7. I had Phoebe but the compartments did not work for me. I now own a chestnut hobo and it is one of my favorite bags.
  8. I never liked shoulder or slouchy bags until I bought the hobo. Now I have two (one pintuck) and two Bleecker daily bags. I just love it so much, and it single-handedly turned me on to a whole new world of bags. So my vote is for the hobo. Love it!
  9. LOL a pair of shorts! so true!
  10. Thanks all! I managed to stop by the store today to try both and think it is going to be the Hobo! I think I was leaning that way, but funny thing, I stopped by my girlfriend's place after Coach and guess who had a new Phoebe to show me :smile:

    Anyway not that we can't have the same bag, but I would feel awkward buying one just after she showed me!

    Also the SA at the store told me they are discontinuing the Phoebe - I wonder what will replace her?

  11. I think the replacements are the Cafe Carryall and the hobo. I love the hobo and the carryall is nice but I don't love it as much as my Phoebes.
  12. Hobo
  13. Hobo for sure!
  14. Have both and love both styles.
    The look of the Phoebe is beautiful, especially in certain bright colors. Love the slouch on her.
    The hobo is more casual looking imo but I use my hobo more since it has the extra strap for cross body option.
    Hobo is a great grab and go bag , easy to throw stuff in and comfortable to carry.
    I think all colors look great in hobo style.
  15. Phoebe owners:
    Do you have any issues with losing items from the sections that do not zipper closed?
    Also, are the items in those sections visible to others?