Madison Hippie question

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  1. I like the looks of the hippie, but I am wondering about the bottom. It seems like this bag doesn't have a very big bottom. I assume the side sort of stretch out?

    Does anyone have this bag? Do you have an organizer in it? Just wondering how that would look. Thanks!
  2. I still haven't used mine yet, but it is very thin. Less than 2 in. I am considering returning it because the long strap is way too short for cross body, and I thought that was the point of the hippie. I am wondering if I just got the wrong strap, but it was zip tied to the bag , so hmmm
  3. Ya I'm 5'7 and the cross body strap is ridiculous!!! Bottom line the new hippie only makes a good shoulder bag!!!
  4. I have it and love it. I do use my large purse to go in it and it fits perfectly. It is definately a shoulder bag though.