Madison hippie or Kirstin Hobo- help me choose?

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  1. So I am looking to buy a big cross body black leather bag and have narrowed it down to the Madison Hippie or the to be released Kristin hobo. The price difference is only $60. I am 5' 7" and size 16. So what are your opinions ladies!
  2. I would get the large Kristin hobo especially if you are looking for a good sized bag. I posted pictures of my yellow hobo and I'm only 5' 1" so you would look stunning in this bag!
  3. Kristin hobo -It has a good size and is really eleagant.
  4. Kristin hobo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. What size are you wanting ?the small kristen hobo is smaller than the hippie and and the large looks a litttle bit bigger so I would say Kristen Hobo in Large its one hot bag!
  6. I LOVE the Kristin hobo, but do not like the way it looks crossbody at all. If you're looking for a true crossbody, I'd go with the Hippie. It looks like it's supposed to be worn that way while the Kristin doesn't IMHO. Good luck with your decision :yes:
  7. Groverdog...I dont remember if I commented on your thread or not but it was your yellow hobo that got me thinking about the Kristin! So Thank you!

    Mary ...there's 2 sizes...I wasn't aware?

    Sissa, Crystal and Coach Addict....Thanks for your opinions I really appreciate it!
  8. I agree about the crossbody, I don't like the way it looks on me that way at all. But as a shoulder bag, its fabulous!

  9. You are very welcome!
  10. FYI the new madison hippie does not sit as low crossbody style as the parker hippie. I'm 5'7" size 12 and I bought the kristin hobo over the madison hippie because the drop length on the kristin is longer. The madison hippie can to the very top of my hip bone when I tried it sat to high for me. I even put a couple of trigger snaps on my kristin so it would sit even lower.
  11. Kristin hands down, it's so lovely and elegant ... I'm not a big fan of the Madison Hippies, probably because I loved the Parker Hippies so much ... plus I love to "pet" my bags, and the Kristin leather is so wonderful!