Madison gathered wallet in black

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  1. i bought the purple one and love it....
  2. I have both the purple and black and love them both!
  3. I have it in black, and it's probably my favourite wallet that I've ever owned.
  4. I bought the purple one and I love it. It may be my all time favorite. I buy Coach wallets and you just can't kill them. I have wallets that are 6 years old and they still look great. I would buy it and set it aside. There will definitely be another pce before the holidays. If you can get it cheaper, return the other one.
  5. I would love to see some pics of this wallet!!
  6. Me too!!!
  7. I have the black one from last pce. My favorite coach wallet so far. :yes:
    I'm thinking about getting the purple one in the next pce.....
  8. any issues with tearing or scratches in the leather? just want to be sure before I splurge.
  9. I can't speak on the durability of the gathered leather (such as tearing or popped stitches) but this is definitely not the Madison leather of old that scratched constantly (and thus had problems with fading - some colors more than others) it's tough.
  10. I have the purple gathered wallet and have been using it nonstop in all of my bags. I love it. It is my alltime favorite wallet and I may just get the black one if it is still around. No popped stitches and the wallet is very sturdy.
  11. thanks! now, should i get purple or black?
  12. #27 Oct 14, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010
    Oh my! This wallet is fabulous! I have it in black. I just started using it this week. I still haven't used it with the Gathered Bag Shoulder Bag. I'm so glad I switched wallets last weekend. I took it out to pay for something yesterday and I just kept admiring it. It just feels so luxurious! It feels expensive and substantial. Definitely the best wallet I've bought yet. I usually like medium size wallets but I'm so glad I bought this. When I was in the store yesterday, I thought to myself "I must post about this on tPf" but the Spring thread completely sidetracked me.
  13. I have been using the purple one for weeks now and it still looks brand new even though it's in all my bags with ALL the stuff I carry. I love the color and I am seriously thinking of getting another one in black because I adore the gathered leather.
  14. Is it like metallic inside?
  15. ^^Yes. It's a brownish bronze's very pretty!