Madison gathered wallet in black

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  1. Of all the things I saw today, i think the black gathered wallet Was my favorite. With my discount it would be $251. There was only one left and i keep thinking about it but I have never spent that much on any wallet or bag for that matter! Thoughts on this wallet? Do you think I would find it for less online or will there be another PCE?
  2. I saw the wallet yesterday (along with the purse). It is truly a beautiful wallet, but way out of my price range!!
  3. Yes, that's too much. I'm sure there will be a PCE soon enough. Or you'll find it at the outlet or on sale eventually.
  4. Ouch. Yes, that's too much for a wallet. IMO. I thought the MSRP for the wallet was $248? I bought the purple one at the last PCE and paid $186, which was still too much for me but I loved it so I paid it. I would definitely wait for another PCE if I were you.

    I do love the wallet though. :smile: It's very pretty and practical for me.
  5. OMG... This is the best wallet ever. Hands down. I am in love with it. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now. You would love it.
  6. It's a beautiful wallet, but too much for something that basically hides out in your purse, IMO. Probably be another PCE before Christmas.
  7. Hi,
    I love wallets and I hate to admit that I have spent more than $250 on a wallet!!! I love the Gathered look. I say go for it and just be resist the rest of the time!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. It is msrp 248 but I have 10% off so it's 251 with tax
  9. Ahh, I see. While I love the wallet, I would still try to wait for the next PCE. :smile:
  10. Have it and love it...much cheaper than my LV Zippy...

    I will say this, if you love it and can afford it, get might regret it if it's not around for the next PCE. (I speak from experience).
  11. You know, i have 90 days to return with my Bay card, maybe I'll grab it before it's gone and if I find it elsewhere in the meantime, I can return it.
  12. I agree this is what you should do.
  13. I would not spend that much on a wallet ever! Save your money. Buy a bag!!!
  14. I wish they had the purple one, but I think I would get the black anyway if I got one.
  15. I have this wallet in the black and I LOVE it!:love: