Madison Gathered Leather Zip Wallet #44370

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  1. Yesterday I went to my FP store to get my third installment of my PCE purchases. I ended up coming home with the large black gathered leather Sophia and the matching zip around wallet. There was a request to post pics of her, so here she is. The interior is a beautiful dark bronze metallic leather.
  2. so gorgeous. do you know what color is inside the purple one? did u see that one at all?
  3. Oooo, she's gorgeous!!!! Congrats!! I love those kind of wallets!!
  4. Beautiful!! Congrats!!! Love the gathered detail!!
  5. thanks for posting the pics, keokicat -- the wallet is as gorgeous as the gathered leather bags :love:
  6. Sorry, but I don't. My store didn't have the purple one.
  7. It's gorgeous!
  8. Oooh beautiful!!!
  9. Gorgeous!!! I love the details and the fact it is a zip around!! Enjoy OP!
  10. I love it!
  11. darn. i want to go get the purple wallet. i wanted to get the bag but i dont have enough money for it yet so ill have to wait a few weeks and get it fp. i absolutely adore the set though. have you been enjoying the matching bag?
  12. Pretty!
  13. I just got them yesterday, so I haven't used either one yet.
  14. oh ok lol sorry i thought u had gotten the gray one or black one a while ago. i dont know i cant remember. congrats on all ur goodies i hope you adore them =]
  15. that is so very very cool