Madison Floral Embossed XL Maggie and Kristin Metallic Python D-string Hobo (Pg 5)!!

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  1. Hi guys!!

    Generally I don't do reveals, but I thought I would share a couple of bags from the new lines that I don't think anyone has posted yet...although admittedly I'm a bit behind with the threads! I'll get there eventually!! I was going to wait till the python bag came in today so I could post both together, but it has not shown up as expected so far. I'm not feeling well today either (cold or something coming on) I'm going to post the Maggie and then collapse till I have to work later this evening!! For those that are waiting...I guess I'll just add the python bag later to this thread and update the title.

    Yeah, so despite my goal to back off from fp, I seem to have gotten caught up again in the whole LE and limited stock quantity crisis, lol! I NEVER learn!!:P First of all, I wanted to link a really brief article about the Shanghai flagship opening, since these embroidered bags are apparently part of the commemorative LE line. And, sold only at the flagship store, I point out (unless you find it at JAX, hee, hee!).

    Anyway, I've already purchased the violet Audrey, and that's definitely a keeper (even though the shade of purple doesn't hit me quite like most of Coach's other purple shades do for some reason...I'm a total purple nut, so this is usually what I go for first), but I couldn't resist also trying the bronze color. TRYING to be a good girl here, but that LE carrot was still right there dangling in front of my face... dang it!! :pout:

    Since I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go with another Audrey or Maggie, I thought I would try both...although admittedly the chain strap made me believe that I would probably prefer the Audrey. I have a lot of Sabrinas, and getting worse by the day on Audreys too, though, so variety is good! :biggrin: Also, I didn't know about the LE aspect of the Maggie when I ordered it, but there are very limited quantities at JAX, so I thought it might be. Hey, one way to find out!!!

    I also need to confess I'm on a "huge bag" kick at the moment for some reason...wheelbarrow is waiting just outside the door, lol, so I was craving the XL size, and the only colors avail. are bronze and violet (and the smaller size is backordered till Mar. 11). There was a time when I wouldn't buy a XL Maggie AT ALL, but I guess the Ruby did me in! I don't need the space, but I just like the look, lol! It's pretty sad when one picks up a Gigi and says, "WOW...this is really not that big of a bag..why did I ever think it was THAT huge??" Yup, that's what I said last week!! LOL! Definitely need help guys!! :wtf:

    Anyway, here is the Maggie! My Audrey will apparently not be here till tomorrow, but I already know the answer... Unless it is a REALLY good number, the Maggie will stay and the Audrey will be going back! I surprised myself with that answer!! I really don't have a need for both, I get another color in either style at that rate! I think that the design looks a little better on the Maggie...more space for it, but I like the satchel style probably more than the Maggie, so it's always a tough call!

    As for leather, the pearlescent sheen is nice, but I feel this leather is a tiny bit thinner than my ombre Sabrinas, which also have that pearlescent sheen. It's not bad, though, and overall, for the money (at least the $500 Audrey), I think it's nice in comparison to the original $700 ombre Sabrina. Not that $500 is cheap, but I am simply comparing this bag to the ombre...if anybody bought the ombre at fp. Those I actually managed to wait and got much cheaper later on (something I would like to be able to do more often!!).

    I just discovered that the leather tag is actually a mirror. Not that I use these mirrors, but it's there! Again, no jewel, and just a nickel hangtag like the Audrey cousin. The stitching is actually more subtle on this bag. I've included a comp pic with the violet. I think I prefer the more subtle (less contrast) look, but I guess they both are diff. looks and fit their own occasion...what do y'all think?? I even wondered if I should get the violet Maggie, but that's a bit overkill and truth be told, I have to have at least one of them with that gorgeous chain strap!

    As for durability, I just noticed a snag on my Audrey...or where the stitching is coming loose on one of the flowers (side of bag), so I decided to swap that out while I still can. Keeping this one till I make sure the new one is ok, though!

    Now I'm wondering which color next, if any...:P Anthracite, maybe?? Can't wait to see that and the eggshell IRL!!

    Thanks so much for looking and reading (if you could make it this far in the dissertation, lol!). :biggrin:

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  2. #2 Feb 17, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010
    Sorry for the crappy's hard to capture the true color!

    A couple more...

    In case it's hard to see, it's #8 out of 28. Yay!!

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  3. It's freaking gorgeous!!:nuts: i love that neutral shade, thanks for the review and for making the time to do the pics! Is she comfortable on the shoulder?
  4. :love::love::heart::heart: It is gorgeous! I want one!
  5. I like it!!! The color looks greyish to me... do you think so in person? I do prefer this style to the Audry. I wonder if the smaller Maggies and LE too?
  6. OMG!!! absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  7. Thanks sweetie!! Hmmm...honestly, Maggies always slide off my shoulder! This one is currently not unstuffed, so that makes it worse, but it's so smooth, I think it's going to slide! Otherwise, it's pretty light and comfortable.

  8. I would call it dead on "taupe"!! It's got a little sheen to it, but it kind of blends with the color rather than looking like a pearly lipstick like the violet does...if that makes sense!
  9. thanks love it, my god enjoy that one!! i like it more than the audrey style so pretty!!!!!
  10. Wow L, that is gorgeous! Now your making me wonder if I should get the maggie... what colors are available to order in the regular size? I'm thinking the XL will be a bit too big for me... its a beauty! Congrats hun!
  11. They seem to be split! The regular size is backordered till March 11 (15026). The colors are eggshell and anthracite. The XL (15052) comes in violet and bronze only. I wouldn't mind either the anthracite or eggshell in the reg. size, but if I get anthracite, I'll probably get the Audrey because of the chain strap.
  12. Thanks L for the 411! Do you know is the regular Maggie the same size as the older versions of the regular Maggie, I was looking thru the reference library but couldn't find the dimensions for this embroidered reg sized maggie?
  13. violet pic looks darker on my monitor than IRL, but the Maggie color isn't that far off. Strange, but I was a surprised at the tone of the violet when I opened the box.

  14. The regular is supposed to be ~13" x 12", and the XL is ~16" x 14.5". Not sure if the regular size will be the same. The thing that always bothers me is the price differential between the two sizes. Like $1k for the XL crackle metallic and $698 (or something like that) for the smaller version. Here there's a HUGE jump.
  15. Congrats I'm thinking of getting the Maggie too
    Do you know the price on both sizes???