Madison Embossed Python Large Shoulder bag

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  1. Hi everyone...ok so I tried searching and cannot find anything. Has anyone bought this bag and revealed it? If so, what did you think of it?

    I'm not normally a snakeskin gal, but I LOVE this bag and hate that in only comes in gold HW with the regular leathers. TIA!
  2. I have my eye on that striking bag. I haven't seen it in person though. When I get an opportunity I will drive to a Coach store to see this bag. Let me know if you get it what you think !
  3. I actually bought the embossed python Sophia in grey during sept pce but I had to return it because the embossed leather was peeling in lots of areas..... I mean lots! I only got to inspect it when I got home since they boxed/wrapped a new one for me from the back. And so I went back to FP store the very next day for an exchange. However, 2 others bags in the back had the same issues but to a lesser extent..... so of course, I wasn't comfortable spending that much for a bag with such issues! I decided to get the croc Sofia in toffee instead.... so very happy with my decision.

    If you do decide to get it.... make sure you get to inspect it thoroughly.....

    The embossed python brynne had better quality embossing than this new embossed python Sophia. I could only speak for the Sophia version and not the shoulder bag. But I have feeling they are the same so please just be aware :yes:
  4. I was planning on buying the python Madison Shoulder bag during PCE. When I looked her over in the store, I noticed peeling. SA brought out another one and it had the same problems. Needless to say, I passed on this bag. For $1000, or even $750 during PCE, the bag should be flawless.
  5. I ended up passing on the python too. It's gorgeous but you're right...for that price it shouldn't be peeling. I'm not overly careful with my bags and I would just be so upset if I banged it against something and it ripped. So I ordered two bags instead of the one. Oh wait...3. Ooops. :nuts: