Madison embossed python -- how is it wearing?

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  1. For those of you that have bought the Madison Sophia or shoulder bag in the embossed python, how are you liking it and is it wearing well? I really, really like the grey embossed shoulder bag but am worried about peeling. I would love to hear from anyone who has had a python Sophia or shoulder bag for a while on what they think. I tend to rotate bags a lot, but do not like to worry about carrying a delicate bag. TIA!
  2. I'd love to hear feedback, too. I saw the blue python Large Sophia in store today and fell in love...but am worried about peeling and the general hardiness of this leather. Does anyone own this bag?
  3. Curious here too - I was thinking of doing this for PCE.
  4. i'm curious, too. i finally caved and ordered the python madison shoulder bag dh drove me to my boutique and waited for me for almost an hour while i made my picks and now i cannot wait to get this bag.
  5. Did you get this gorgeous bag yet? I am dying to see it and thinking about it for PCE!!!
  6. I have the Large Blue Pthon Sophia, but have only had it since Thursday. I have worn it for 3 days now and I love it. I have been wearing it with the 2 handles over my shoulder most of the time. It is nice and soft and not showing any wear at all yet. The corners don't stick out they are nice and floppy. I like it that way. I ordered the Grey Python Shoulderbag today, it should be in by Friday. I also got the Large Toffee Croc Sophia, but haven't worn it yet.
  7. Thanks for the input! Anyone else with the Madison or Sophia embossed python bags? How are they wearing? I want to get the grey embossed but would like to hear more about it from you lucky gals that have had it for awhile!
  8. [​IMG]

    Is this the bag you are talking about? I have this Sophia. It is wearing really well. Only place you see some slight wear because I use the small handles and put that over my shoulders, it the top of the purse between the handles. It isn't even bad though. That purse is gorgeous. Love it!

  9. Is there a pic of the blue python? I have only seen the blue patent leather.
  10. Yes! Thank you so much! It is gorgeous! This is the Madison shoulder Sophia, right? Thank you for the picture and how it is wearing. Love it. Will probably be getting it!!
  11. I would highly recommend this bag. There is also a matching wallet which I have as well.
  12. ooohhh very pretty bag!!! id love to see a modeling pic,and more reviews on how it is wearing.
  13. Many displays I have seen around here are damaged, and the first python shoulder bag I ordered actually arrived damaged from JAX (BOO!!).... BUT...I have used the heck out of my purple multi (pink) python Sophia, and there's NO wear at all!! I carry it as a satchel, so it has every opportunity to peel and get color transfer on it, and it's still perfect. LOVE this bag...absolutely one of my favorites, which is why I've carried it a lot, and I've gotten so many compliments (not from employees)!!! I almost didn't buy into these bags because of my first experience, plus the ones I saw that were damaged, but I think if you get a good one, it does seem to hold up (at least from my experience). Like you lmc, I'm constantly rotating, so I don't have an issue. Mostly I was concerned about the small Sophia size, but it worked out very well for me. As for the gray color, I really love my clay python Miranda more, though, but that's just me...I'm not a huge gray or black leather person in general (case by case for me). I tend to like the lighter, more natural python better if it has gray/black tones (i.e. less dark gray). Anyway, if you get a good one to begin with that doesn't seem to be already starting to peel, I think you should be ok!
  14. I don't have any modeling pics of me with it but I did take this other pic of it back when I got it.


    I loved the chain on the long strap though I never wore it that way.
  15. wow great pic, it is a gorgeous bag. the madison shoulder bags all have such a nice extra strap. there is alot of hardware compared to sophia. wish sophia had the same strap lol.