Madison Emb Exotic Mix Pocket Navy Lindsey, Reveal

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I don't understand: Why no love for Miss Madison Embossed Exotic Mix Pocket Lindsey? :shrugs:

    I saw this bag last weekend when all the Madison deletes were at the outlet. A lot of ladies came home with different colored lindseys but I wondered why no one bought this one. She was on my mind ever since I left the outlet last Saturday and I kept thinking about her. So on Monday I called my outlet and asked if there were still any left and the SA said she saw a couple on shelf and pulled one for me and she put it on hold until today when I could drive out there.
    Good thing SA put on hold for me because today there were no lindseys at all on the shelves.

    So here she is all bright eyed blue with her gold hardwarde and I love her. But I still wonder why were there no reveals of her. I think she is beautiful IRL and I love the different textures in this Lindsey.
    She is a keeper and I am happy to have brought her home.
    Madison Embossed Exotic Mix Pocket Lindsey 19634 B4/Navy:
    1st & second picture is with camera flash on



    The next couple photos are a more exact color of the bag, without flash. First pic here is in natural light



  2. She is gorgeous!! I love Lindseys, but I've yet to find one at the outlets.
  3. I like it, but I got a denim python lindsey in the deletes from July, can't justify both.

    Congrats on her!!!
  4. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
    I had first seen Ms. Lindsey online and thought - not for me! (Lindsey looked strange with the pocket on the outside which looked like the lining was pulled out and sewn right on the front! LOL )
    I then got to see her IRL at one of my FP Coach stores. I was truly tempted to buy her with PCE.
    Lucky you to find one at your outlet!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  5. Thanks Lynne.
    I had to take a double take last week when I spotted her on the shelf. Now I can relax and enjoy her, cutting tags off tomorrow to carry her for work next week. I am glad I bit the bullet and bought her home.
    Thanks for looking at my reveal :biggrin:
  6. I think she is just tdf. Love the color. Love everything about her. Congrats.
  7. I don't think many were at outlets. Mine didn't get them.
  8. I saw them last week but am not a fan of the bib Lindseys. Someone liked them as they were all gone today.
  9. Beautiful, I never saw these at my outlet. Your pics are better than the website.

    Congrats Lucydee - you did it again :smile:
  10. Does she have a silvery gleam like the old Denim Python Sophia and MSB? She's quite pretty...
  11. That bag is stunning!! You have amazing taste!! Congratulations...she is simply beautifull!!!
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. oh what a sizzling bag u have there!!! enjoy... i think i saw a mauve and taupe colored bib lindsey before in the outlets... i think it came out at the same time the tossed lasercut and metallic lindsey were in the outlets.. i like it in this color!!!
  14. I love that shade of blue! Congrats!!!!
  15. Thanks yellowbernie. I am glad I went back to get her.

    Thanks swakky :biggrin:

    Thank you!

    Yeah, I had seen the taupe and it didn't do anything for me but when I saw the Navy, it blew me away and I had to have her :biggrin:
    Thanks for looking at me reveal.