Madison Criss Cross Issue

  1. hi there =) i just bought a madison criss cross wristlet in acorn today but ive noticed that on the parts that it is criss crossed it has a tendency to break and leather to peel off. i really love the design and color but this issue bothers me a bit especially for its price since i got it at FP with just 25% im thinking, shall i keep it or not??? fellow coachies, your insights will be appreciated... thank you =)
  2. Please post pics.
  3. image-2067296384.png

  4. I'd return or exchange it. It shouldn't have problems right off the bat.
  5. did the leather break? I can't see any damages. It is gorgeous.
  6. im thinking of exchanging it for a better stock but part of me thinks that maybe from few usage no matter how careful i am, it might just break to that prone areas mmm ... thank you!
  7. not yet, but if you'll take a closer look on the middle part, theres a little bit of tear already (looks like white spots) ...thank you=)
  8. Definately return it. it will just get worse.
  9. Ask the SA also for their opinion on how this leather will wear. I'd be interested in hearing how durable it really is. I was hoping to get this in the Lindsey so durability is an issue. You should have that guarantee with a quality product.
  10. this is so pretty!!! im sorry u are already having issues