Madison Crimson Lindsey Reveal

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  1. Hey Ladies,
    So I need your opinion; should I keep her?
    I wanted the Juliette in this color but the bag was too small for me when I tried it on yesterday. SA and sister told me go for the Lindsey since its a good size for me.
    What do you think, she I keep her or wait for a different style in the crimson patent?

  2. Love the color and that hangtag is just perfect. It depends on the size. I have a purple patent lindsey and think it is too big, but I still can't give her up. What size are you more comfortable with?
  3. That lindsey is stunning! I say keep, especially if its a workable size for you :smile: If it wasn't for fuchsia calling to me, I would consider this color :smile:
  4. You see thats the thing, I carry only midsize to large bags. For example the regular size sophia is too small for me so I have many large sophias.
    It kinda felt like I was carrying a small sabrina when I tried on the Crimson Juliette.
    It is a gorgeous bag but it was too small for me.

    I guess I answered my question right :biggrin:
    I won't cut the tags off until I am really certain.
  5. I'd much rather have the Lindsey in a smooth leather so it is flexible with a better slouch. Patent is best for more structured bags like Maggie or Candace. IMO :smile:
  6. I like large bags too. The large sophia was just the perfect size, and loved the style.
    I only have 1 lindsey because of the size, but love the color. I always keep the tags on and look at them to make sure before using them. Anyway I think the bag is absolutely beautiful.
  7. Lindsey style and gorgeous red color how can you go wrong with that. Keep her!
  8. Thanks for your input marywoo :biggrin:
    The color is what attracted me to this bag. I have some lindseys in python, and signature black on black and love the style.
    My hubby tells me why fix whats not broken; keep the bag he says lol....
  9. I think he's right. Keep her and enjoy her. I did a double take when I saw the color too.
  10. Lucydee, that is one of the most beautiful COACH purses I have seen. KEEP HER!
  11. I say keep! I love the style and this color. I wanted to get this color, but I thought it was a bit too close in color to my orchid patent. She's a beauty..cut those tags!
  12. Keep, she's a beauty!
  13. Thank you kdennis :biggrin:
    I don't own any other patent bags, except for Camel Patent large sabrina.
    So this would be my second patent bag.
    Thanks again for your input!
  14. Thanks friend :biggrin:
    I know you and I have the same taste, appreciate your input thanks again!
  15. KEEP. HER.

    Absolutely stunning bag.