Madison collection at outlet?

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  1. I haven't seen any of the madison collection (sabrina, julianne, etc.) at the outlets yet (other than a swing pack) but I noticed in some people's posts with pics that there are factory tags on some sabrinas- I am guessing on certain colors only but I was wondering which Madisons have been found in the outlet...I may need to go on client track!

    Any info would be greatly appreciated
  2. There is a thread out there about Madison Sabrina. I notice a few here and there at the outlets but you have to ask for them to show them to you. I think most of them of returns or slight defects.
  3. I recommend you go find out the style of the bag you want.. go to your local outlet ask them to search the bag for you and do a charge send.. I just did that for sabrina 2 days ago..
  4. Good idea- I don't think the colors I want are at the outlets yet- expresso, tan, or the brown optic...but it's worth a shot.
  5. Well, you can get a Sab w/ the COACH plate upside down at the outlet... :smile:
  6. ^^ What? where?
  7. Im guessing maybe the Madison Shoulder bag has hit some outlets. This one im talking about is style # 13252. If you do a search on Ebay, there are a ton of them listed. I own it in khaki/choc,but want it badly in Sand color too.
  8. over the past two months, i've picked up a madison shoulder bag in metallic leather, two sabrinas, a spectator julianne, a few madison wristlets, some small madison wallets and one madison crossbody... but i haven't seen the line there en masse, just the occasional pieces that have shown up over time
  9. I have not seen any of the Madison Line at either of my Local Outlet... I have only seen the Swingpack but that is it....
  10. I've only ever seen some wallets and swingpacks in the madison line. I wore my Sabrina in one day and the SA said they never get any and probably wouldn't, but she gets asked about them all the time.
  11. Last time I went to the Michigan City IN outlet they had a Magazine Tote in Black Leather. Just one. I noticed it right away because I have the black OP Art and I love it. This was probably a month ago and I think it was 30% off.
  12. Mine had the madison checkbook wallet in tan, the madison slim envelope wallet in parchment.
  13. My outlet has also had the Madison slim wallets. They are cute,but small for me i think.
  14. It was at the Leesburg location a week or 2 ago. Leather espresso, Coach plate WHOLLY upside down. Quite a show! Although, I think I remember seeing a post about somebody getting a Sab w/ the plate upside down too and thinking they could re-attach it going right side up.

    I wonder if that person ever tried it?!?!?!?
  15. Has anyone seen the Coach Madison OP ART in Sand color yet at outlets?? I think its off now. Crossing my fingers. I think this may be my HG bag if i can score one. I want it more than any Sabrina. Weird huh? LOL.