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  1. Come show off your smoking hot yet professional CHRISTIE
  2. Welp, poo, I hit "Send" before I was ready. Lol.

    $398 STYLE NO. 29422

    Structured and sophisticated, the Christie Carryall is crafted in textured Saffiano leather that adds depth to the design. Practical as well as beautiful, it has graceful shoulder straps, elegant hardware and a slender, detachable crossbody strap.

    Saffiano leather
    Inside zip, cell phone and mutlifunction pockets
    Zip-top closure, fabric lining
    Handles with 8" drop
    Longer strap for shoulder wear
    15" (L) x 9 3/4" (H) x 4 3/4" (W)

  3. Pink ruby mini Christie

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  4. niice!! that mini looks so sweet and bigger than a mini. how do you like the saffiano leather?
  5. I like it.... Seems very durable. I'm not even 5ft. maybe that's why it looks bigger... LOL
  6. Calling all Christies... Calling all Christies.....
  7. I ordered the small in white yesterday! I'll be sure to post pics when she arrives :smile:
  8. Yay!!!
  9. No love for Christie carryall?
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1427635904.237670.jpg
    Here's my Christie...grey birch...

  11. Thank you both!
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    I’ve got two MFF Christies; a small in aubergine crossgrain that is a couple of years old and looks almost new despite my having to use it for two months straight when I moved, and a mini in metallic dark teal crossgrain. I noticed today that the shoulder strap on the mini pulls the lining out of the bag when I clip it to the inside rings. The small does not have this problem. All I have in it is a medium wallet, checkbook, lip gloss, and a mini skinny with my keyless car fob in it. Has anyone else had a problem with this?

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