Madison Carryall in Rose

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  1. Is this a dept store exclusive? I have only seen these in Belks and Nordstroms. They don't have them in my boutique and I do not see them on I would love to order one for PCE but if they are Dept store exclusives....
  2. Macy's also has it - I owned one for about 2 days, but didn't use and returned it. It was still full-price, and I couldn't justify that kind of cash for something I don't love. The SA told me that it is a dept-store exclusive, but I have no idea how reliable that info is. Watch your department stores - it'll go on sale soon enough, I don't think it will sell out. :smile:
  3. A SA at Belk told me the same thing. It's a very pretty color, but I agree with CoachGirlJami, I don't think it will sell out. The only problem is that my store has one. I'd wait for it to go on sale as well.
  4. Sometimes even if it is a department store exclusive, you can get it through JAX or your boutique. That's how I got my walnut Hailey with my PCE during the first round, JAX only had about 50 at that point. Later they replenished and released it to the boutiques.