Madison Cafe Carryall Clubhouse!

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  1. Love, love this bag! Style No. 27859; Retail $398

    Here she is in the SILT color leather.


  2. Gorgeous!!! Wow. That leather looks divine. Congrats!
  3. Stunning! COngrats!
  4. Thanks, ladies! I love this bag! She's like a short Phoebe. :biggrin:
  5. Congrats! It is gorgeous! There is definitely going to be a Madison Cafe Carryall in my future.
  6. This is gorgeous!!! The leather on this bag looks scrumptious! Congrats!

    Bag twins (mine should be arriving today)! :ghi5:

    I am so glad you started this club...I really like this style!
  7. Thanks!

    :yahoo: I hope you love it! From the website pics, I wasn't interested. Then I saw the reveal of the parchment one and knew it would be mine. :biggrin: I hope we get more pics posted soon!!
  8. Thank you MiaBorsa for starting this club.
    Your Silt is stunning!! I just love all the hardware detail on this bag.

    I haven't bought a bag at FP for long time. I was buying mostly from FOS or ebay. I just didn't find a bag I love enough to pay even PCE price. This was instant REAL love and soooooo happy to find the bag make me happy.LOL
    I just LOVE it:heart:

    I already did reveal but post here too for reference.

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  9. Your reveal convinced me to order this bag! So beautiful! :loveeyes: I just ordered a matching wallet with the FB 25% coupon and I can't wait to get it. :woot:
  10. Matching wallet in silt will be gorgeous!
    I would love to see it!!
  11. So glad you posted your pics in here. I am in love with your bag!
  12. Oh Silt and Parchment are both beautiful! I've never been into white bags but Parchment looks great!
  13. Here is my Tan! Love this bag soooo much! Holds a lot and very functionally, too. :biggrin:

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  14. Gorgeous! I love the tan; I bought the Madison hobo in tan! Enjoy your new bag!
  15. Thank you! I have a thing for tan/camel/sand, I guess--I have by far the most bags in these!