Madison - Belated Birthday Gift

  1. I have a really good gf who likes to give what she thinks are "appropriate" gifts, not just any kind of gift, even when they don't make it on "time". She gave me a Christmas present in early April and yesterday gave me a gorgeous gold Madison for my birthday which was in late April. She picked up this beauty at the Freeport, ME outlet last week while attending her college reunion and visiting friends and family. I've never seen the Madisons IRL before and it's much bigger than I expected. It has the beautiful Legacy lining. Now I need a snazzy place to take this to.


  2. Very nice!!! Please post modeling pics.
    I'm curious to see what they look like IRL too =)
  3. pretty!
  4. It's beautiful!!
  5. Oooh! That's a nice bag and a good size too. I would gladly get "late" gifts from someone who is so good at shopping for just the right thing! :yes:
  6. oh that is soooo cute (i'd say belatedness is forgiven ;) )
  7. That's a beauty :heart:!
    How lucky you are to have such a Great friend too :smile: !!!!
  8. Yes, thanks! She is really a dear friend so timing is never an issue and of course she has excellent taste. LOL, she called me when she was at the Freeport store to give me the rundown on what was in stock.
  9. Thanks so much for posting this....This is the purse I just bought on eBay and wondering how it would be for an upcomming wedding. Im going to LOVE it now that I see it on someone..gosh that just made my day :O)
  10. Oh that is so pretty on! maybe just wear it to dress up an everyday something you want to make extra special :smile:
  11. wow, that's a lot bigger than what I thought it was. What a little beaut!
  12. That is soooooo pretty!!! It'll come in handy for a wedding or something!
  13. CONGRATS!!!! Love it!!!
  14. oooh that is so pretty! it looks great on you too btw.
  15. very pretty !