Madison Avenue Sale

  1. Does anybody know the dates? Thanks!
  2. not yet... but 2x a year happy times!
  3. Assuming it'll be the end of February, early March. Perfect time to use a vacation day cuz it's never just a "lunchtime" errand....
  4. are the sales worth going to?
  5. yes if you like scarves, & clothes. Usually some shoes & bags & leather goods too.
  6. omg olive i love that new pic. it made me clap my hands in glee!
  7. hello HLF! saw you at the last H party, I am sure you do not remember me... but never mind! HELLO!
  8. hi avandome! of course i remember you. i was a little shy about chatting with you but you're just stunning!
  9. OOOh thanks... please, chat away, me , very casual!
  10. Oy don´t talk about sales I´m aching
  11. I hope it is toward the end of Feb! I might actually BE in NYC for that sale! OMG! *fingers crossed* :woot:
  12. When do the dates usually come out? I am about to plan a trip to NYC too and hope it can coincide with the sale! w00t w00t!
  13. Oh, why, oh why are you guys torturing me like this??
  14. Well, I stopped into my local today and they are having their sale next weekend. I didn't even get a card!...dang my SA for leaving! I met the new guy who got my name and since I LURVE him, he can keep it!

    Boy, do I hope to make the NYC sale!
  15. Out of curiosity, where is your local? :smile: