Madison Avenue Collection: Anyone Know More?

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  1. Hello
    I have fallen in love with a bag in this collection. But there is no way I am paying $798 for KS.
    Does anyone have a bag from this collection? Is the quality better? I am so surprised to find that lining plain blah white. I wish it was the gold polka dots or something cute and unique

    Also do these ever get included in the sale section on the web page? Currently I do not see any

    Here is the one I want, looks like a high price Maise! It is the Everdene Margot in Pink Ombre

    Kate Spade Everdene Margot.jpeg
  2. Beautiful bag, but I agree with you that it's kind of hard to pay $798 for KS
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  3. Its beautiful!!!
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  4. Madison Avenue pieces do make it to the sale section. But they are a more limited quantity so not every item lasts long enough to go to the sale. I would love to get a Madison Ave piece someday.

    Its a gorgeous bag! I thought the lining looked pale pink on the website. I think the satin looks so luxurious!
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  5. I have a wallet from this collection. The quality is much better. Leather was SO soft.
    I hope it hits the sale soon :smile:
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  6. I just purchased a bag from this collection! It's gorgeous

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