Madge Likes To Play The Blinking Game

  1. It was rumored that Madonna once had a rule to never make eye contact with her unless she makes eye contact with you. It was a queer rule, because how are you to know she's looking at you if you can't look at her! Well, looks like she got past that, but now she's developed a new rule.

    At Saturday's Live Earth London her slaves were instructed to tell all reporters that they must maintain contact with her at all times during the interview. All questions had to be memorized and you couldn't even glance down to look at your notes or the interview would be over.

    A source said, "It's intimidating enough interviewing Madonna, because she's so intense, but when we were given these weird orders it was even worse.
    "We thought her people were just joking. But it soon became apparent that they were deadly serious."
    They were also told to never ask about Guy Ritchie, Kabbalah or her children.
    What is with all these stupid rules? You can't ask them anything anymore more, you can't look at them, not you have to only look at them. Soon they are going to give you the questions to ask them. I would've asked her ass why the road to Terabithia is all over her hands.
    Above is Madge's wax figure. Yeah, what a joke. ​
  2. Do you think these stories are really true tho, or just made up by the media to make a great story? It just seems so bizarre that a grown woman with a family would be so petty?
  3. really i don't know!
  4. I don't believe any of this.
  5. Madonna bashers are just they were also saying she didn't really play guitar at Live Earth.....
  6. I also wonder if this is true?
  7. Eh, they're are so many "stories" about celebrities out there that it becomes hard to tell what's real and what's not!
  8. I don't believe this
  9. Huh? I can see where she wouldn't want questions about her religion, husband and kids but the rest of that is too bizarre.
  10. I've been over madonna for a long time now. I promise I'm not jealous, either. :smile:
  11. Who knows. Very odd.