Mademoiselle Tote Question!

  1. Sigh I love this bag. I have searched other threads but can't find an answer. Does this tote come in any other colors than the black (which is TDF)? Thanks!
  2. Yes also brown. . . may be others, but I only see black or brown at my NM.
  3. Thanks SwankyMama!!
  4. de nada!
  5. I've seen a light green... which really looks like an off-white w/ a greenish tint.
  6. They have white at my Saks , and I LOVE the MMS ligne ! I seriously want to kiss the big bag w/ the CC closure is so fine !
  7. I can't remember if the MM tote comes in brown suede AND brown lamb skin. I have seen the brown suede tote and it's very chic.

    The celadon (greenish white) is from F/W 05. I like this color, but I think it looks better on smaller bags. I think celadon didn't sell so well because I still see them around. They discontinued this color for the current season, but added chocolate and coral.
  8. Now I'm wondering if I saw celadon ? It looked white !
  9. ^^My NM has the brown leather and the brown suede, that bag looks GEAT in brown suede!
  10. Yeah, you saw the celadon--it pretty much looks white, with a green cast to it. They never had plain white in the MM line.
  11. ^^ I agree! I have the MM tote in black and have "tried on" the tote in brown suede. The suede is gorgeous!
  12. SoCal - i am considering the camerabag in brown lambskin and was wondering since you have the tote if you think that it scratch's easlily if used on a regular basis. The MM i have is the clutch which i use only out at night.
  13. I have been using the MM tote almost daily for 3 weeks or the office, my classes, and on scratches yet (and I "bang" this baby around!)...
  14. Which stores do you see the celadon colored mademoiselle bags at? I want the camera bag in celadon in the 11x8 size.
  15. I saw some at the Neiman Marcus Chanel boutique back in June or July.

    The lambskin doesn't scratch that easily. I have the MM black tote from last year, and it's still very pristine. The clutch does get dirty more easily if you get it in a lighter color, though, because it gets handled more than the tote. I'll probably have to take it in to get a cleaning in a few months.
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