‘Mademoiselle sans elegance’ asking for advice!

  1. Hi, I am back again asking for your opinions :p. My vendeuse (unpretentious word = SA) has been kind enough to give me another bag after I have agreed to buy some S/S07 Prêt clothes from her. As you may have remembered she is the one who gave me my starter medium lambskin classic flap as a Christmas present but keeps calling me Mademoiselle sans elegance (actually she has to change that to Madame now, LOL).

    So anyhow, I would appreciate every lady’s opinion on which bag I should ask from her. On the one hand, I am tempted by the 2.55 with the pin badges as per S/S07 runway but on the other, I also want the python classic flap in sort of silver/purple/cobalt blue hue (if that makes sense :p). I think the python classic flap is more expensive but I am more interested in the aesthetic comparison of the choices and you may find this really strange but no I am not willing to dish out my own money for one when I have the other :upsidedown:!

    Sample pics: I think everyone has seen what the python classic flap looks like in the Reference Section but here is what the 2.55 with the badges looks like:

  2. Dear Ms. Bee Bee:
    Gosh, just curious, how much did you spent with her for her to give you such a present???

    I LOVE BOTH bags and think you do too, so have her give you the expensive one and then you buy the cheaper one than you'll have both!!!

    I am a bad influence....
  3. aww, SANS elegance? That's not nice! LOL! Espeically for a Chanel customer!

    Python all the way:yes:
  4. Mademoselle SANS elegance? That's downright RUDE!!

    You know that 'sans' means 'without' right?

    Are SAs really allowed to give people such expensive presents?
  5. i love the python!
  6. I think the python will last the test of time and not be as potentially dated and trendy as the one with the badges. =)

    And it's python! :smile:
  7. LOL, yeah the vendeuses in the Paris atelier are allowed to. My one told that once an American lady came in to order 6 haute couture dresses in one season (those were loaded full of Desrue ornaments and Lesage embroidery and one of the dresses weighed like 15kg or something) and her colleague (i.e. another vendeuse) had to give her a diamond-encrusted Camelia watch 'pour sa fille de cinq ans' :wtf:

    So I suppose if you say one normal haute couture dress is €67,000 (and this one has lots of Lesage embroidery taken out) so a top of the line full-blown one must be at least double the price. Well if you have six of those, so let's say €600,000 after thrashing out a discount and a standard diamond Camelia is going for €8,500 (last time I asked anyway :p) then it's not exactly going to hurt Chanel Corp.!

    I wish I have that much money, LOL.

    EDIT: Hang on, let's get back to the topic because I want to know! Doesn't any lady like the 2.55 at all? I thought it is pretty cute but every lady seems to think to the contrary!
  8. WOW you must be a big shopper. I say python, woman! Python!
  9. Python. :yes:
  10. The one with the pins is very cute but it really depends on how much mileage you think you'd get out of it. I think the python would be easier to match so that is my choice. However, if you like to collect bags and not just use them, then the one with the pins might be more appropriate.

  11. I like the 2.55!!
  12. Python, hands down.
  13. :love: :heart: :tender: I love the 2.55 with those small badges, absolutely stunning!!! I wish I get a chance to own this bag....:crybaby:

    My vote goes for 2.55~
  14. I'll go for the python personally.
  15. I think the python will stand the test of time, whereas the 2.55 is an adorably cute bag that will work for a while. It depends on what you want. I think though that since you tend to "buy" more than most of us, you should get the 2.55 because it sounds like you like it much more and aren't as concerned about the longevity of the style.

    Believe me, I will have to live vicariously through you! I wish my Chanel SA would give me a free bag too! :smile: