Mademoiselle line 30% off at Saks.

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  1. My SA is great, PM me if you want her info.
  2. thanks so much for the info! are those the only chanel pieces on sale?
  3. any mademoiselle clutches available?
  4. She only mentioned that line.
  5. I'm leaving for the day soon, so here's her info: Her name is Delyse and her phone number is 248-808-0712. I'd call ASAP, the Chanel sale stuff goes fast.
    Please tell her April referred you.
  6. There was a light green one on sale at NM SF.
  7. oh i've seen that one, totoro. I think it was really dirty though!
  8. Yep, that's the one...I think it's the same one that was on sale last time! :P
  9. haha. probably. Which SA do you work with there?

    Were there any other Chanel bags on sale?
  10. I work with Pauline. There wasn't much left, only 2 denim totes and a few pieces from the Mademoiselle collection (all light green).
  11. Are the denim totes on sale? If so what style are they?
  12. ooh, hmm I don't think I've met Pauline before. Did you pick up anything for yourself, Totoro?
  13. April, do you know when the saks sale starts??
  14. I spoke to April's SA today and it sounded like the sale's already started...a lot of the mademoiselle bags are already gone!
  15. I don't know the style of it, but it was on sale for about $1,100.