Mademoiselle Ligne -- in or out??

  1. So, are the mademoiselle ligne purses still in style? :confused1: I am new to chanel... Thanks for any ideas!
  2. Do you like the bags in this line? If you do, you will enjoy using them whether or not they are in style.

    The unfortunate thing about this line is it was first introduced in 2005 when the Cambon line was still very popular. So I think it got slightly neglected. But there are a few pieces from that line which are absolutely divine, e.g. the clutch and the large tote.
  3. I personally think the ligne is very nice. I would say as far as buzz, its out. But as far as the bag looking dated, defiantely not. The mademoiselle ligne has a classic look IMO.
  4. It's too classic to be "out" IMO.
  5. love it in the brown flap that evenstar posted in the ref thread, I agree with Swanky that its too classic to be out
  6. Thanks for the input! I am thinking of purchasing a black Mademoiselle Ligne purse with the clutch in it. I guess it is a 2 piece bag. It appears to be authentic - hologram and card match and the gals on the authenticity thread gave it a thumbs up - so I am going to go for it... The price seems to be pretty reasonable at $1100. :yahoo:This will be my FIRST chanel!!!! AAAAKKKK!!!! :nuts:
  7. I totally agree!! :yes:
    I also think it's so cute, lovely and chic!!! :heart:
  8. I loved this ligne :heart:esp the flap and the big tote!Unfortunately I was late too!:girlsigh:It was a really sought after ligne and very classy IMO!