Mademoiselle Camera Bag

  1. Can anyone tell me each dimensions and price of different sizes?
    When I read a few other posts, some girls said they paid $1850.00 for medium sized camera bag. But when I called my SA at NM, she said there are 3 sizes, small:$1750.00, medium:$2150.00, large:$2450.00(or something like that).

    There's no way Chanel will increase it's price during a season, right? My SA said small is pretty small, like going out bag..........that's no what I want. I want the size, which has been photographed a lot, ans some girls here have.

    Can anyone tell me what's going on??? I'm really confused..........:hysteric:
  2. Wow maybe you should post a picture?
    the small or tiny? camera bag in the mademoiselle line I looked at during Sprinn was 1400 appx....Soo I have no idea what happened or maybe its a different bag? leather?
  3. [​IMG]

    This is the one I'm looking for. One of the member(kittenslingerie) posted this pic a few threads down........
  4. WOw I have no idea what happened since I last saw it..but I was positive it did NOT cost more than 16XX Canadian for the small....
    I guess it really went up??
  5. The one from last season with the leather through the handles was $2195 for medium. I live in a sort of small town outside of New Orleans, so I called everywhere looking for mine, the new mademoiselle style. The only place that I found it was Bloomingdales in NYC, my SA was Nel. It is $1850 for the new style medium and $2195 for the old one. I was told by Chanel 800# that Saks ordered this style too.
  6. Oh, so maybe NM only have old's strange my SA told me she sees 60pcs of them in NM corporate warehouse, which is waaaaay too many last season bags to be sitting around unsold. I guess I'll have to ask for pics or ask my SA to transfer the bag for me to see what's going on.

    Thnaks girls for your help!!!
  7. Not sure if this info is correct, but chanel 1-800 said that NM didn't order the new style. Just Nordstrom Seattle, Saks, and Bloomies. BUT Nordstrom Seattle is sold out.
  8. I just called Bloomies in NY and they had one!! :yahoo: I ordered it for myself, but maybe they have another one????