Mademoiselle Camera Bag Questions....

  1. I just received my mademoiselle camera bag and it's kind of weird. The outside is very pretty, but the inside is weird and cheap looking. It has these flimsy cheap campartments. You would think spending close to $2000.00 they would spend a little more thought and quality to the inside as well. I'm wondering if it was made to be a purse or something else....
  2. "camera bag" is just the name Chanel gives to certain style of bags. They are never really meant to be camera bags.
  3. the ones I've seen didn't look cheap inside{?}
  4. I think the 2005 look better inside than the 2006. I love the purse, but you think the price would warrant something better than thin, flimsy canvas. :nuts:
  5. Imgg - do you often purchase LV or Chanel? Because the first time I got a chanel I thought the interiors were cheap looking also (as compared to LV) - I didn't like the pen slots etc...But as I grow prone to Chanel I no longer find it cheap looking...
    They have different designs for the interior than most other designers.
  6. I have more LV than I have Chanel.....for now anyway! :graucho:

    But, I have seen some other bags by Chanel and the interior is beautiful! I'm going to keep my camera bag, but I just wish it was a little more luxurious inside.

    Thanks for your comments you have more Chanel now than LV?
  7. Yup more Chanel now but when I had more LV's I thought chanel linings looked cheap. Haha...
    So strange....and I've seem the insides of the camera bag (its somewhat like the cambon line) and yes I know why you feel that way!
  8. Have you seen the reissue's inside? It's very pretty and well made.
  9. The Luxe ligne is leather lined, it makes anything else look 'cheap' IMO. . . but nothig that stands out to me screaming cheap. KWIM?
  10. anyone has picture?
  11. What does KWIM mean?
  12. Yeah, I will try to post pics soon.
  13. Are you going to keep the camera bag? I'm not keeping mine, as I agree with you about the quality. My aunt is returning hers because of the leather folding and mine is having problems with that as well.:sad:
  14. I'm not sure yet! I really like the style, but it does not appear that it will hold up so well. Are you going to send yours back or take it to the local bloomindales? I've been looking for a black bag for ages and this is perfect, but for that kind of money I would hate to see what it will look like in 6 months.
  15. My aunt sent hers back and is awaiting response. I packaged mine up and am doing the same. Hopefully Bloomingdales already knows the bag has issues from other customers and won't give me any problems. The area around the chain straps immediately starts to loose its shape and being a structured camera style bag, it's not real attractive. I recommend a blac reissue 227 or even 226 instead.