Madelyn Shoulder Bag vs Ava satchel

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  1. Hello!
    I went to MK store yesterday and saw this bag. It was so so pretty but it was a shoulder bag.
    I wanted something with longer strap so I came home. And on website I saw that the strap can be longer!
    I ordered ava satchel already, but both look so pretty, I can't decide......
    I know I'm so indecisive!!! Can anyone help me to decide which bag to get? Which one do you prefer and why?
    Also, the material of the madelyn bag was really really soft, does anyone know if this kind of leather scratches easily?
    It just says "100% leather", it was not a pebbled leather / saffiano leather.

    Ava Satchel:

    Madelyn Shoulder Bag:

    Attached Files:

  2. I prefer the Ava. I guess I just love the lady-like silhouette.... :smile:
  3. I want to keep ava because 1. Already purchased and didn't want to go through return process 2. Saffiano leather since I am clumsy women who is not good at keeping things clean. But when I saw the other bag in the store, I couldn't decide and needed someone else's opinion. Thank you so much!!!! You are helping me a lot and a lot!!! I will let you know what I decide!
  4. That Madelyn bag is "hot." I love it! I also love that the shoulder strap can be adjusted to fit over the shoulder or over the arm. However, looking at the pictures, it looks like it's made of a smooth calfskin leather that may scratch easily. You'd have to probably be careful when carrying it. The saffiano leather Ava will definitely be more durable. The Ava also has a more "ladies drinking tea in the afternoon" look to it. It just depends on what you're looking for.
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  5. AHH so the name of the leather was calfskin! It was beatiful and so so soft, At the store, I was afraid to open the bag and see inside. So I opened it slowly and I am sure I will leave a lot of scratches on the bag. I am giving up on this bag but so pretty!
    Thank you so much for the reply!!! Appreciated! :smile:
  6. Personally I prefer the Ava satchel, just lovely :smile:. I would like to eventually add to my little collection :tup:.
  7. Yes! Ava satchel was really beautiful in person, too! I am a follower-type of girl and now I can stop thinking about the madelyn bag. Thank you so much for the reply!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
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  8. I like the Madelyn & the feature that the shoulder strap will convert from long to shorter. But if you're worried about scratches on the leather, Saffiano would be a better choice. The soft calf leather will scratch while Saffiano is more hearty & will wear better without being babied. The two bags have entirely different styles so it really depends on which style you're looking for & which bag you'll be more comfortable with. Good luck with your choice & post pics of the one you get.:smile:
  9. That was the major worry. I don't think I can ever buy a bag if I need to give a proper care to keep it in a good condition. I usually walk and hit everywhere! So I am lean toward the ava satchel as you said it is saffiano leather. Also the style, they are different but both look so pretty! If the madelyn was in saffiano leather I would be spinning my head again... because I don't have budget for both, need to choose one of them :smile: Thank you thank you!!! I will definitely post pics once I receive the bag!! :smile: :smile:

  10. You're welcome :smile:. Be sure to post a pic once your Ava arrives, so I can :drool: over it :lol:.
  11. I prefer the look of Ava personally [emoji4]
  12. I guess the ava satchel is more appealing to majority of people (including me - after reading responses :smile:)?
    Omg this is my first thread and everyone replies so so nicely! Thank you!!
  13. For sure!!! Mine is scheduled to deliver on Friday, I will upload pics as soon as I receive it yay!
    I usually buys stuff on sale but this bag was so pretty :biggrin: What color is in your mind?
  14. I would choose Ava . Looks better, more stylish and I prefer this design over the other.
  15. Exciting:biggrin:. I'm not too sure really, just whatever catches my eye at the time i guess:smile:. I prefer silver HW so possibly a colour with the silver HW.
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